Carol Sproston at Windmill Studio

A selection of paintings

The following are a selection of my recent works. They are all oils on canvas. My contact email is carol at

About Carol Sproston

I was born and have lived most of my life in Wiltshire (in the United Kingdom). When I first began painting I studied at the Lydgate Art Research Centre and, subsequently, with artist/teacher Graham Sproston. In recent years I have exhibited in London, and regularly in the South West. The Wykeham Gallery regularly exhibits my work.

Whether starting from an abstract or a figurative point of view, I allow the composition and mood to gradually unfold. The search for imagery then comes from the painting process as form changes and is re-established. Although the paintings have suggested titles, they remain open to interpretation.

Chinese Vase

Derelect Quay

Japanese Anemones

Landscape in Snow

Landscape_in Winter

Raku pot with Geranium

The Bridge 2

White Flowers

Winter Landscape

Boatyard Creek

Crystal Pool

Frosty Morning

Hilltop Village

Oriental Street



Secret Valley

The Retreat


Marble Quarry

Evening Light


Drovers Beacon



Rustic Bridge

Salisbury Water Meadows

Blue Ice

Headland / Rough sea

Red Response



Tidal River


The Hard